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Travel Reimbursement Expense Policy

Certain lodging and meal expenses can be reimbursed to employees as a non-taxable per diem. The intent of this policy is to fairly reimburse qualifying employees for incurred travel expenses without the employees having to submit receipts and wait to be reimbursed.  Additionally, this policy is meant to reduce and/or eliminate meals and lodging that are charged on company credit cards.

Riverside has five work classifications that may qualify an employee for travel expense reimbursement through a standardized daily or hourly per diem rate.  For any employee to qualify for any class of travel per diem they must be working on a Riverside project that is at least 30 miles from their place of residence and staying on or near the project.

As of January 1, 2012, Riverside will no longer reimburse for food including charges made in conjunction to fuel purchases at a gas station. Weekly Request for Per Diem must be submitted for a daily meal per diem.

The five types of work classifications eligible for travel per diem are as follows:

Supervisor Per Diem 

Employees in a supervisory capacity may qualify for a lodging and meal per diem to be paid by the day for Salaried Supervisors and by the hour for Hourly Supervisors. To qualify, employees must execute a Wage & Benefit Summary Agreement with Riverside Management. To receive this per diem the employee must fill out a Weekly Request for Per Diem to be submitted to the office at the end of each week along with other project paperwork.  Any per diem requests submitted more than 20 days late will not be paid. **See note at the end of this policy.

Chip Seal Crew Per Diem

All regular chip seal crew employees may receive a daily travel per diem upon the approval of the crew supervisor on the employee’s daily time card.  This per diem is not available for temporary employees working less than 5 days on the chip seal crew.

Oil Driver Per Diem

Oil transport drivers may receive a daily travel per diem based on the type of product hauled and the agreements made prior to hauling. Some winter hauls may not include a per diem or may be paid less than daily. Oil transport drivers hauling CRS-2P will be paid the same daily rate paid to Chip Seal crew employees.

Mobilization between projects

Employees mobilizing equipment between projects may receive travel per diem based on the length of the haul and whether over night stay away from the regular jobsite is necessary. This daily per diem must be approved and submitted by the supervisor in charge of the mobilization crew. **See note at the end of this policy.

Special Circumstances

Work related travel away from regular work assignment. An example of this might be attending a training class required by Riverside. **See note at the end of this policy.

The per diem rates are subject to change.  Contact your payroll department for the current per diem rates being paid in the above classifications.  All Per Diem paid by Riverside will be below the allowable federal per diem rate and not be considered part of the employee wage. It is recommended that employees keep accurate records of their personal travel expenses and seek advice from a tax professional for further information.

** If it is determined that the standardized lodging per diem rate does not adequately cover the travel expenses incurred, receipts may be submitted for consideration of additional reimbursement. Additional reimbursement will be considered based on a reasonable costs incurred and availability of less expensive alternative will be considered.

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