At Riverside, a safety-first focus paramount for our employees, the public and the environment.

Smoking Policy

Smoking in the workplace affects everyone.  Riverside Contracting has adopted a NO SMOKING POLICY for certain areas in the workplace. 

There is to be NO SMOKING:

  • In any of the company tractors, end dumps water trucks and mechanic/service trucks.

  • In any piece of equipment that has a totally enclosed cab, a cab having windows. (i.e. loaders, motor grader, dozers, rollers, brooms, etc.).

  • In any of the control houses at the asphalt plants, CTB plant or the crusher.

  • In the proximity of a fuel truck or fuel tank.

  • In the proximity of a propane tank.in the proximity of any flammable or combustible substance, (i.e. gasoline, diesel fuel, starting fluid, etc.).

  • In the proximity of any oxygen & acetylene tanks.

Smoking is allowed:

  • On any piece of equipment that does not have a totally enclosed cab. (i.e. pavers, some rollers, rotomills, etc.).

  • In any open area that is not in the proximity of fuel tanks, flammable or combustible materials.


This policy will be strictly enforced.  All employees are expected to follow this policy as a condition of their employment. 

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