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No Show For Work Policy

As a requirement and a condition of employment, all employees are required to show up for and be ready to start the shift at the time designated by the supervisor. The company realizes that from time to time there are circumstances that may arise where an employee misses a shift due to personal reasons or unforeseen circumstances. All reasonable accommodations will be made for these types of situations. The following guidelines will be used for consideration in these types of events.

  • If the employee has a planned event that will require them to miss the entire shift or part of the shift, the employee must give at least 3 days minimum advanced notice (example: doctor appointment, court date, etc.).
  • If an employee has an unforeseen circumstance that is/was completely out of their control which makes it not possible to show up for their next scheduled shift, consideration will be given for this situation (example: this may include family emergency or vehicle breaking down on the way to work).

Disciplinary action up to termination will be taken, but not limited to, if:

  • An employee missing their next scheduled shift due to a planned event but does not inform the supervisor or management.
  • An employee does not report for their next scheduled shift do to an unforeseen circumstance, does not call their supervisor to inform them of the situation and the reason they will not be able to work that scheduled shift or will be late for the scheduled shift.
  • Misses work or is late more than three times for any reason.
  • An employee becomes a habitual offender of the policy.

Any measure or combination of measures deemed appropriate to the circumstances can and will be used in the events concerning this policy.

Note: If you are terminated as a result of this policy you will be no longer employed by the company, not just that particular crew. You will not be eligible to work for SK Construction.

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