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Job Hazard Analysis Policy

Job Hazard Analysis is a vital part of task planning and identifying any hazards that may exist in the job or task you are getting ready to perform.  JHA’s are an important part of a good health & safety program.  When taking the time to assess the task you are about to perform and identifying areas of that procedure that have the potential to cause serious injury or death, it allows controls or procedures to be implemented to prevent any incidents from occurring. 

The company has made it mandatory for employees to conduct a JHA and document the findings prior to performing a task that falls under the following conditions.

  • A task that is outside the scope of everyday operations.
  • Performing an unfamiliar job or task.
  • Setup/Teardown of an asphalt plant, CTB plant or crusher.
  • Moving (mobbing) an asphalt plant, CTB plant or crusher.

A JHA must be conducted by all employees that are involved in that task.  The following is a step by step procedure for conducting a JHA.

  • When multiple employees are involved in a JHA, the finding of the JHA is documented on the hazard assessment form. 
  • The areas that have been identified as potential hazardous areas shall be discussed.
  • Controls or procedures must be put in place before performing the task.
  • Document the control measures or corrective action on the reverse side of the JHA form. 
  • Discuss and review any findings or corrective measures to be implemented with everyone that is involved in the task.  These procedures must be followed to minimize the potential for an incident occurring. 
  • All of the employees involved in the JHA must sign the form(s).  
  • The JHA form must be turned into the supervisor and sent to the main office. 

Steps of a JHA:

  1. Break the job into logical steps.
  2. Identify each hazard in each of the steps.
  3. Develop measures to reduce or eliminate risk for each of the hazards identified.
  4. Review and update periodically.

Step 1: Break job down into steps.

  1. Identify each step and the sequence they are performed. (less than 6 steps)

Step 2: Identify the Hazards in each Step

Consider the following physical hazards.

Pressure, Vibration., Access, Moving Objects, Electricity, Chemicals, vehicles, Height, Confined Spaces, Depth, Weather, Noise, Rotating Equipment, Weight, Equipment, Heat, Cold, Water, Dust, etc.

Consider the possible causes of injuries.

Struck by, Caught in/on, Overexertion, Dropped Objects,

Slips/Trips/ Falls, Inhalation, Strike Against, Fire/Explosion, Exposure to Gas/Heat/Fumes/Dust/Chemicals, Cold, Pinch Points.

Also Consider:

Pollution to the Environment, Damage to Equipment, Human Factors, Competency, Training, Fitness, Fatigue, etc.

Step 3: Risk Elimination or Reduction Measures

  • Elimination or substitution, changing process or substance.
  • Engineering controls: Guards, rails, mechanical aids.
  • Administrative controls: Reduction in exposure time, number of employees.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Step 4: Review and Update the JHA Periodically

The JHA should be reviewed when:

  • The task is complete.
  • The method of performing the task has changed.
  • New employees are performing the task.
  • Further hazards have been identified.
  • The task is undertaken again.

By taking a few extra minutes prior to performing a task and completing a JHA on that task we can all create a safer workplace, reduce accidents and have a “Zero Injury” work environment.



Assessment Location(s):

Job #:

Operation (i.e. paving, trucking, excavation, plant setup/teardown, non-routine task, etc.):

Permit Required:  

Yes_       No___

  Identify the tasks and hazards below.  Explain the plan(s) to eliminate/control the hazards.

Item #


Potential Hazards

Plan to Eliminate/Control Hazard

































Is the worker working alone?

   Yes ____   No ____

If Yes. Explain?

Are there any Hazards remaining?

Yes       No

If Yes, explain


Workers Name(s) add the names of all people involved in the JHA      Foreman Name: ___________________

_______________________  ___________________   ____________________   __________________ 

_______________________  ___________________   ____________________   __________________

_______________________  ___________________   ____________________   __________________ 

_______________________  ___________________   ___________________     __________________                                        

(All names must be legible).                                                                Reviewed by:   __________________

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