At Riverside, a safety-first focus paramount for our employees, the public and the environment.

Employee Safety Representative

Safety in the workplace should be the main focus and concern of every employee. To achieve a good Safety & Health program in takes the participation from everyone, both employees and management. The lines of communication between the employee and management are a vital link in creating a strong safety culture. It is important that the employee feel comfortable bringing concerns, unsafe conditions, possible hazards or suggestions concerning safety to management.

To facilitate this vital link between the employees and management, the company would like to have an employee safety representative on each crew. The representative would be the liaison for the employees to bring safety concerns and unsafe conditions to management. This will allow the employees to voice their concerns, identify and bring to the attention of management any safety issues anonymously. The representative will take the information from the employee and present it to the project supervisor and/or the company safety manager.


The Employee Safety Representative will,

  1. be the representative of the employees in safety related issues.
  2. be a liaison for the employees to management concerning safety related issues.
  3. report employee safety concerns and safety suggestions if the employee does not feel comfortable going to the supervisor or safety manager on their own.
  4. help to bridge the gap between employees and management concerning safety related issues.

The Employee Safety Representative will have no authority to make changes or stop work on the construction project. The Employee Safety Representative will have no authority to disciplining employees.  The Employee Safety Representative is strictly a go-between for the employees and management to help bring attention to hazards, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and safety concerns. 

Riverside Contracting is committed to creating a “zero Injury” workplace.  Taking some simple step to get everyone to participate and take an active role in the Safety and Health program will move us one step closer to that goal.  Get involved in your safety program and make a difference in keeping every safe and free of injuries.

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