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Drug Testing Procedures Field Tests


The collector must do the following before each collection to deter potential tampering, adulteration, alteration, or substitution of the specimens:
Collection Site:

  1. All water sources should be secure.
  2. No soap, disinfectants, cleaning agents, or other possible adulterants should be present.
  3. The site should be inspected to ensure that no foreign or unauthorized substances are present.
  4. All of these items should be rechecked after each collection.
  5. Only one donor collection can be done at a time.
    1. If a donor is drinking fluids in a “shy bladder situation” the collector may conduct another donor’s collection.6. To the greatest extent possible, the donor’s collection container should remain in view of the collector.
  6. The collector must maintain personal control over each specimen and the Chain of Custody form throughout the collection process.


Specimen Collection:

  1. Positively identify the donor through a means of photo Identification.
  2. Review collection procedures with the donor.
  3. Collector checks the COC form to see that laboratory name. address, and specimen ID number are printed on the form and the correct number of copies are provided.
  4. Collector completes the administrative portion of the form.
  5. Collector has the donor remove any unnecessary outer clothing.
  6. Collector instructs the donor to empty out his/her pockets and display the items.
  7. Collector selects the kit and opens it in front of the donor.
  8. Collector conducts a pre-collection inspection of the facility.
  9. Collector unwraps the collection cup and instructs the donor to enter the rest room to provide the specimen.
  10. Donor gives the specimen to the collector.
  11. Collector conducts a post-inspection of the collection facility.
  12. Collector affixes specimen bottle seal.
  13. Collector dates the seal and donor initials the seal.
  14. Collector packages specimen and ships it to the laboratory for testing if the results are “POSITIVE” or if “Temperature is not within acceptable range”.
  15. All Random tests will be sent to the Lab for further testing.

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