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Driver Vehicle Inspection Record Policy

It is a requirement mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Riverside Contracting Inc. that every driver shall perform a vehicle inspection prior to the operation of the vehicle in a scheduled shift. If at any time during that shift the driver of the vehicle changes, a vehicle inspection must be performed by the new driver. Upon completion of the pre-trip inspection the driver shall fill out the DVIR and check a box on the daily time card showing that he/she has performed the inspection (note, if deficiencies are found do not check the “Satisfactory”box, only the component box(s)). The inspection form and time card shall be turned in at the end of the shift. It is the driver responsibility to be satisfied that the vehicle is “in good working order”. If the vehicle is in good operating condition the appropriate box should be checked. If any deficiencies were found the box indicating this should be checked on both the DVIR and the time card.

The following area of the vehicle must be inspected at a minimum.

  • Service brakes, including trailer brake connections.
  • Parking hand brake.
  • Steering mechanism.
  • Lighting devices and reflectors.
  • Tires.
  • Horn.
  • Windshield wiper or wipers.
  • Rear-vision mirror or mirrors.
  • Coupling devices.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Warning Devices.
  • Spare fuses.

These are only the minimum requirements, tires, rims and structural cracks and any additional areas that would compromise the safety of the vehicle should be inspected. It is important to identify deficiencies of the vehicle to ensure that the truck is safe to be operated on the public highways.

Following this policy is a condition of your employment. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that our highway have vehicles that are safe to operate and never put the traveling public in danger.

Riverside Contracting Inc. Management

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