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Driver Requirement Policy

It is the policy of Riverside Contracting, Inc. (RCI) that all employees, that operate a company vehicle with a GVW over 26,000 lbs., meet the following criteria.

Prior to the date of hire, or as reasonably close to the hire date as possible, a driving record will be requested from the Driver Services in Helena, Montana. Upon receipt of this record, a review will be conducted to verify that the driver falls within the guidelines set forth by this company policy. This policy is over and above the minimum requirement of the Federal DOT, as outlined in CFR 49, Part 383. Driving records will also be requested and reviewed annually, at a minimum, for all RCI drivers.

Review of the driver’s record must first verify that the driver possess a current Class A Commercial Drivers License along with an Air Brake endorsement. Additionally, an endorsement for Doubles/Triples is required for units pulling more than one trailer. If the driver’s license is in order, an evaluation will then be conducted on the record of violations received for the past three (3) years by the driver. Violations are defined as Major or Moving, as follows:


Major: Serious convictions which indicate a disregard for public safety.

Major violations received in the last 36 months are equal to 12 points each.

For example:

  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speed Contest (racing)
  • Careless Driving
  • Hit & Run
  • Gross Negligence

Moving: Violations which reflect improper attitude and poor driving habits.

Moving violations received in the last 36 months are equal to 6 points each.

*Speeding in a 25mph zone is equal to 8 points each

For example:

  • Speeding*
  • Improper lane change
  • Following too close behind
  • Failure to obey traffic signal
  • Failure to report violation to
  • RCI
  • Operating a vehicle that is not insured
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Others not specified

Accidents which are preventable equal 8 points and accidents which are non-preventable equal 4 points for each instance in the last 36 months.

Points Totals: 11 points or less, Driver can operate a company vehicle

12-18 points, Driver will not be hired, if currently driving will face a possible suspension as determined by RCI Management.

19+ points, Driver must be terminated

I agree to the above policy and recognize it as a condition of my employment. I also agree to notify RCI if, the status of my drivers license changes, I receive a Major or Moving violation or I am cited for an accident.

(Please initial the RCI Employee Acknowledgments page.)
Last Review 01/01/2015

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