At Riverside, a safety-first focus paramount for our employees, the public and the environment.

Company Training Policy

Training is an essential part of creating a safe workplace and safe work environment.  Riverside Contracting has implemented a company training policy that consists of new hire orientation and a web based training program for all employees.   This will give the newly hired employee a brief introduction to the policies and operations of the company and allow all employees to access safety information that meets company requirements and the training requirements of the various regulatory agencies. The goal is to provide every employee with the necessary information to help create a safe workplace for everyone and reduce incidents.

As a condition of employment, all newly hired employees shall receive orientation training prior to performing any work or safety sensitive function.  After receiving the initial orientation training, the new employee is required to access the company website training module and complete themandatory training.  All current employees shall access the company website training module and complete the mandatory training as required. 

Every employee will be required to have an active email address to access the website training module.  If you do not have an email address you will be assigned an email address.  Every employee will be assigned a password.  Your email and password will allow you access to the training module on the company website. 

Training will consist of the following elements:

New Hire Orientation Training:

  • Truck drivers – Road Test.
  • General Company Safety Rules
  • Cell Phone and Texting Policies
  • Viewing of related video(s) (i.e. paving, truck driver, crusher, dirt, chipping, etc.).
  • Initial task training (i.e. position hire for, operating specific equipment, paving labor, truck driver, plant labor, pipe crew labor, etc.).

Initial orientation training will be conducted at the jobsite or office and documented on the Orientation Training form.  The Orientation Training forms will sent the main office.  

Web Based Training:

  • Review of the Employee Safety Manual. (read entire manual)
  • Review of the Company Policies. (all policies)
  • Asphalt Paving Operation video.
  • Truck Driver video (hauling asphalt).
  • Chipping Operation video.
  • HazMat Presentation.
  • Completing the quiz(s) for each element.

Web based training will be recorded on the website to show that the employee has completed the training.

All employees are required to review the Employee Safety Manual and Company Policies.  All employees shall watch the all of the training video(s).  A quiz for each element must be completed.

New employees shall be required to view the video that is associated with the job they were hired for prior to performing any work on the project.  This will be completed in the orientation training.  All supervisors will have a tablet or laptop for the new hire to view the video(s). The new employee will be required to access the website to view additional material and complete the quiz(s).  The new hire will have 45 days to access the website training module, review the required training and complete all of the quiz(s).  If the employee does not complete the required training within the 45 days the employee may be terminated.

All current employees will have 45 days upon returning to work from the previous year seasonal layoff to access the website training module and complete the required mandatory training.  If the employee does not complete the required training within the time allotted the employee will be removed from duty and will not be allowed to return until the training has been completed.  If the employee chooses not to complete the mandatory training the employee will be terminated.

The training information will be updated on the website by February 15th of that construction year. The employee can access the training module and complete the training at any time after that date. All employees will be required to review the training material every new construction season as the material is updated and new material is added each year.

If the current employee or the new hire does not have access to the internet, all of the information will be available in a hard copy.  The quiz(s) can be completed in paper form.  This information can be obtained from your supervisor or company safety manager.

Riverside Contracting is committed to achieving an injury free work environment.  It is important that all employees access and review the training information of Riverside Contracting, Inc. to help make this possible.  Creating a safe work environment, promoting the safety policies of the company and create a safety culture is the responsibility of every employee.  Safety should be the number one priority of all employees.  

Riverside Contracting, Inc. Management

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