At Riverside, a safety-first focus paramount for our employees, the public and the environment.

After Hours Conduct

 Although Riverside Contracting has no control over your actions after work hours, we strongly suggest you conduct yourself in a professional manner when you are working away from home.  When you are, for example, fighting in a public establishment with other employees or citizens of the community, disorderly, leaving town without paying your bill or fraternizing with people in the community, it does not look favorable for the company or for highway construction as a whole.

Although Riverside Contracting has no recourse when employees are participating in these inappropriate actions, it will be noted.

The activities you participate in on your own time is no concern of the company, however, the communities that we work in see you as a representative of Riverside Contracting.  How you conduct yourself after work hours in a public setting is a direct reflection on the company. 

After hours conduct sometimes carries over to the workplace.  Please be aware that carry-over may jeopardize your employment under workplace Standard of Conduct expectations.

Please be aware of this and act appropriately.

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